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CIMB Corporate Finance Division

Year of Graduation:  2011

Taylor's World Class Scholarship Recipient

As a student, Rafique was awarded the Taylor's World Class Scholarship (TWCS), where he received a 100 per cent scholarship to pursue business studies at TBS, plus an internship opportunity with a top industry partner, namely HSBC Investment Bank.


Asst Vice President, Sales
Global Payments and Cash Management,
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Year of Graduation:  2011

Taylor's World Class Scholarship Recipient

Being financially constraint, Taylor's World Class Scholarship (TWCS) gracefully aided my pursuit for tertiary education. With that in mind, indirectly TWCS has motivated me to do my best in learning from the experience yet helpful lecturers. The opportunity to undergo internships with well-established companies such as HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad has provided me not only with deep insight of the working environment but also expanded my network of people. Thanks to TWCS and the doors it opens, now I am proudly a Management Trainee in HSBC Bank.

Mainstream Online Buzz
Year of Graduation:  2010

Taylor's World Class Scholarship Recipient

At the tender age of 21, Jolene who is the Director of Mainstream Online Buzz - a marketing agency specialising in social media and social sites - was certain that this was the path for her, even back during her college days at TBS, "My Business partner and I wrote out first business plan back in college. The interest in entreneurship was sowed later when Taylor's fully sponsored our participation in the Maybank-MoneyTree Young Entrepreneurship Start-Up Challenge (YES)," she reveals


Broadcasting, ESPN
Year of Graduation: 1999

I joined Taylor's back in 1996 and took the Bachelor of Business degree. I began my career in broadcasting with RTM, the official government station in Malaysia. My seven years in RTM was great as I was given freedom to get involved in other aspects of broadcasting, from script-writing to producing.


General Manager
Year of Graduation:  2007

An optimist by nature and by choice, Samuel encourages fellow students to seek their passion and pursue it with their best shot, "There is always a choice to do things half-heartedly or with all that we have. From my experience, life is truly lived when we give it our best shot - and I'm passionate about giving the life I've been blessed with my all.

Mainstream Online Buzz
Year of Graduation:  2010

Taylor's World Class Scholarship Recipient

What I have learnt throughout my journey so far that does not only apply in starting your own business but can be applied in general, is that opportunities don't come by easily; and if one should ever come your way, grab it and give it a go. You will never know until you try! should you face failure, perservere, learn from your mistakes and start again. 

Controllership Department
GE Healthcare South East Asia

Year of Graduation:  2009

Chan who secured her first job as Finance Management Programme (FMP) Trainee soon after completing her Graduate Learning Programme (GLP) says, "I guess I clinched the job mainly due to my internship experience which gave me the opportunity to prove myself to the Finance Manager at GE."


Chief Financial Officer
Dongguan Plastic Manufacturing PLC
Year of Graduation: 2000

I began my career as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in Sydney. I was posted to Hong Kong two years later. It's been a remarkable journey so far and thanks to Taylor's Business School for shaping my future.

Executive, Corporate Finance
CIMB Investment Bank Berhad

Year of Graduation:  2009

I studied accounting and finance at university as I believe that this area of study is highly relevant in all businesses. Looking back, university has prepared me well for the graduate position as I have developed a good head for numbers through formal tertiary education and participation in business competitions. Having said that, the things I learnt at university can only be applied towards some of the many facets of my job; hence it is important to be able to learn quickly on-the-job.


Audit Associate, KPMG
Year of Graduation: 2009

I must say that I am very proud of the programme I’ve chosen as it made me an all rounder; a public speaker, an event organizer, a compassionate person and last but not least someone knowledgeable in the area of accounting and finance.

Graduating from Taylor’s was only the beginning to a brighter future as I continued to further my studies part-time with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and start on my career path with KPMG as an audit associate.


Radio Announcer, 98.8FM
Year of Graduation: 2001

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics & Finance. Since then, I had made one of the biggest decisions of my life to move away from a typical 9-5 job in the finance world to become a star in 98.8FM. I host the 6-10am programme known as the "Oriental Rice Bowl" together with partners – Sam and Chan Fong.

CIMB Bank Malaysia
Year of Graduation:  2009

Taylor's World Class Scholarship Recipient

Personally, I believe that any job can be pursued with the right attitude, dedication and a lot of hard work. The way I see it, the paper qualification gets you through the interviewer's door. Beyond that point, it's all up to you to create a good first impression by having the right attitude, decent communication skills and determination.



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