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Houseman UD 41 
Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Year of Graduation:  2011

Programme: South Australian Matriculation

While a university education can lay the necessary foundation and framework for you to kick-start your career, the uncertainty of this profession, along with the exposure to a vast spectrum of diseases, it is still ultimately up to you to take the initiative and to go the extra mile in completing the whole picture. Always ensure that you're on top of your game.


Head of Groupon Asia Pacific
Year of Graduation:  2001

Programme: South Australian Matriculation

When asked about his fondest college memories, Joel reveals, "The experience was great! The teachers were understanding and supportive and the competitive environment there pushed me to study hard to obtain good results," he says.

Director, Sales & Marketing
Year of Graduation:  2005

Programme: South Australian Matriculation

A successful marketer is someone who understands people and their decision-making process. Ideas can be found anywhere, so learn from anything and everything under the sun.


Senior B2B Integration Consultant
E2open Development Corporation
Year of Graduation: 1990

Programme: Canadian Pre-U

Lew feels his days at Taylor's had provided him with the foundation for his career, He learnt how to be more independent, pragmatic, meticulous and patient, traits which are now invaluable to him.


Arup Jururunding Sdn Bhd
Year of Graduation: 1974

Programme: Victorian Matriculation

I would like to encourage the leaders, owner(s), management, and staff of Taylor’s to continue the excellent work that they are doing in the field of quality education in Malaysia.

Author and Business English Teacher
Year of Graduation:1998

Programme: South Australian Matriculation

The dedicated lecturers and amazing learning environment were always an incentive to attend classes instead of cutting school and going to play snooker down the road. English lessons were my favourite part of the day and having Ms. Angelene as our lecturer was an additional dose of fun. My friends and I still look back at our year at Taylor's as one of the best of our lives, both educationally and socially.

Analytical Services Practice Leader, APMEA The Nielsen
Year of Graduation:  1996

Programme: Cambridge A Levels

Kow who is inspired by the late Steve Jobs for his innovation and creativity and Jack Welch for his leadership skills, shares a word of advice to his peers and Taylor's graduates, "When it comes to decision making, one must be bold. Also, dont be afraid to take risk and always be on the lookout for new big bets," he says.

Executive Director
KPMG Tax Services
Year of Graduation:  1991

Programme: South Australian Matriculation

Leanne who enjoys reading in her free time, shares her idea of living a good life, " I say, life is good when you get to do what you want, where you want, when you want, and with whom you want!" she enthuses.

Self-Employed Magician and Stand-Up Comedian
Year of Graduation:  2010

Programme: South Australian Matriculation

"My biggest achievement is making people smile. It's neither a past, not future achievement, but rather a present desire and every time I succeed at it, I believe I fulfil one of the essential reasons why God put me on this earth."

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