Taylor's Global Alumni Ambassadorship Programme


  • Taylor's Global Alumni Ambassadors (TGAA) are the representation of the Taylor's Alumni leadership, coming from all regions of the world.

  • It is the key focal point of Taylor's international alumni activity, serving and promoting links between alumni and Taylor's, that may include using alumni networks to develop international career enhancement opportunities for students and alumni, as well as offering a programme for international alumni activity.

  • The Ambassador Programme is also a resource for Taylor's alumni who are studying abroad to interact and support incoming exchange students from Taylor's and its partner universities


  • An engagement platform where the ambassadors act as points of contact for prospective students, alumni and others withing their respective countries;

  • An important support programme, linking students and alumni to the broader community and builing a stronger connection in developing their career and education pathway;

  • To promote loyalty and fellowship among the students and alumni at Taylor's;

  • To nurture esprit de corps among the Taylor's Alumni Community.

Alumni Ambassador Role Profile

  • A Taylor's Global Alumni Ambassador (TGAA) is a volunteer who is willing to act as a liaison for Taylor's University and/or Taylor's College in their particular geographical region/country.

  • Each ambassador chosen is motivated by personal commitment, energy and the opportunities of leadership development in various industries.

  • The role of TGAA is demanding and requiries significant level of commitment. Upon appointment, ambassadors serve for a fixed terms of 15 months, renewable for a further 12 months at the mutual agreement between the alumni and Taylor's Alumni Relations Office

  • Reviews will be carried out with the alumni office on a regular basis to assess progress against agreed targets, with a formal review undertaken at the end of 15 months.

Ambassadors Key Responsibilities

  • Acting in a voluntary capacity, TGAA work in conjunction with the alumni office for the benefit  of both the Taylor's strategic interests and alumni living within their region/country;

  • Are expected to act in a professional and appropriate manner when representing Taylor's and to promote its image in a positive way;

  • Establish and maintain an alumni network by identifying and engaging with locally based graduates;

  • Develop a programme of activity to k eep alumni connected with Taylor's and promote key messages and initiatives;

  • Where applicable, TGAA will serve as catalyst and/or enabler towards employment and internship support for the Taylor's students in their (TGAA) region/country

  • Recruiting alumni volunteers to suppost Taylor's and its alumni activities;

  • Act as an advisor in relations to any Talyor's activity in their region/country

Benefits of being a Global Alumni Ambassador

  • Special Recognition: Being a representative of Taylor's University and/or Taylor's College could be valuable for a TGAA curriculum vitae (An International Alumni Ambassador certificate for a period of a year will be granted).

  • Networking: The opportunity to meet and interact with other professionals, students, alumni and community leaders with whom you may share similar interests and aspirations.

  • Participation: The opportunity to assist in evaluating and selecting worthwhile programmes to be undertaken by the ambassadors, which benefits students, and alumni, thereby benefiting Taylor's

  • Publications: The opportunity to be featured in magazine and newsletter that are circulated among Taylor's Alumni Community and industry partners.

If you are interested in being part of our Global Alumni Ambassadorship Programme, kindly email us at alumni@taylors.edu.my

Taylor's Global Alumni Ambassadors

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