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Senior Art Director
Arachnid Sdn Bhd
Year of Graduation: 2010

Memorable experience, attending classes and working hand in hand with Mass Comm lecturers on assignments and lectures. Organizing a sex education campaign SexEd, which is a taboo subject in the society.

Taylor’s SOC provided a foundation, character building and of course opens up networking for me in both personal and career development.

Actress, TV Host and Writer
Year of Graduation:  2004

She advises fellow students who wish to follow her footsteps to be humble "Don't be too fast and too smart in calculating returns for your effort. The industry - whether it's in front of the camera or behind the scenes - requires a high level of commitment, knowledge and common sense. The chances of failing in this industry are probably one of the highest among all other industries," she says.

Stand Up Comedian
Year of Graduation:  2009

Kuah who attributes a lot of who he is today to his experience as a student at SOC, reveals, "Taylor's opened many doors for me, frankly speaking. For one, the existence of the Society of Performing Arts (SPA) gave me my first experience of participating in a play. I played the role of Algernon in the 'The Importance of Being Earnest' by Oscar Wilde. After that, I was offered numerous emceeing gigs in college events.


Chief Executive Officer
Fused Marketing Communcation Sdn Bhd
Year of Graduation: 2006

Admittedly, a good education with good results is like your passport into the working world. But it is up to the passport owner on how to achieve greatness.


Social Media Specialist
Universal McCann (UM)
Year of Graduation: 2011

Taylor's World Class Scholarship Recipient

Receiving the National Scholarship and then TWCS from Taylor's to pursue my passion also gave me additional drive to venture into communications.

What I love most is the environment and people of Universal McCann. They are always bursting with energy and innovative ideas. They are also very sporting and when there are exciting activities planned out, everyone is enthusiastic about participating.


Head of Corporate Communication
Veritas Architects Sdn Bhd

Year of Graduation:  2004

Komathi who attributes a lof of who she is today to her experiences as a student at SOC, says, "We had great lecturers back then. I fondly remember our Advertising lecturer, Mr. Shahid Lahgari and Ms. Rosalind Fernandez. You see, persuasive communication isn't just communicating, but it's communicating and selling 'products'. It's all about how strong you can persuade someone - whether it's to purchase product, or even hire you for your dream job," she says.

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